Factors affecting academic performance of a

Child Development, 69 4 On the other hand, some parents that are government workers are often transferred which might not warrant their stay in their former living place. High intellectual ability in an academic setting is marked by a long attention span, and it is often marked by both attention span and leadership skills in a work setting Gabriel The relationship between the independent variable Family income, father education, mother education, size of family, motivation of parents, involvement in co-curricular activities, regularity of teacher, interest in the subject and the dependent variable student performance was observed from our study.

Our educational system is still plagued with serious problems of basic infrastructures. The Relationship Between Television Viewing and Academic Performance Television is usually not considered an extracurricular activity, per se, but for the sake of this study, it is classified as one.

They enjoyed working in the university due to the positive relations among colleagues. The physical and academic environment created by the university was a prominent theme in almost every interview. Conclusions The study explored the factors that influence the retention of academic staff in a Ghanaian technical university.

Krishnan posits that the turnover of qualified and talented employees is associated with significant direct and indirect costs to an organisation. Determine whether insufficient teachers contribute to the problems affecting the academic performance of secondary school students in Igbo-Eze Local Government Area.

All these educationists and researchers agreed with the principle that schools put strong effect on academic performance and educational attainment of students.

Such leadership styles allow staff to take ownership of their actions, with the result that they remain engaged, committed and loyal to the university as observed by Chatman and Cha It is clear that many parents are farmers, while some are teachers.

Considine and Zappala also having the same views as Graetzin their study on the influence of social and economic disadvantage in the academic performance of school students noticed, where the parents or guardians have social, educational and economical advantage definitely strengthen the higher level success in future.

A stressful condition make a person apprehensive and anxious and powerless to cope which causes damage to health and ultimately leads to premature death. To obtain the information from students, questionnaires were distributed among them.

Most of the participants enjoyed the direct impact that the university has on national development and, for them, this was a powerful motivator, increasing their desire to remain with the university.

In some schools in rural areas there exist on laboratories, library, and other modern educational facilities like computers let alone the inadequacy of them. They said that combination of these factors effects the academic performances of students in positive manner despite the gender differences in them Haseen; This theory describes self-concept as learned i.

Ochiagha also carried out a research on the determining the availability of instructional equipment in the teaching and learning of business students in junior secondary schools or economic studies in senior secondary school in Igbo-Eze north local government area of Enugu State, his findings also show that the inadequate instructional equipment contribute immensely to the poor performance of student in business subjects or economic subjects.

Nurse Education Today, 24, — What effects do specific activities have on academic performance. In these circumstances, educational institutions are attracted to areas with large settlements, while those with poor settlement are neglected.

In academia, faculty members require constant skills updating through training and development programmes to enhance their professional competence as recommended by Doh et al. Virtually, no head of school is completely satisfied with the accommodation of the school.

Consequently, government decided to recruit teachers from all works of life to solve the problem, but till date insufficient teachers is still the order of the day. Hijazi and Naqvi also showed that the performance in intermediate education is positively associated with the mother education.

The utility of these studies lies in the need to undertake corrective measures that improve the academic performance of graduate students. Most studies favor more structured extracurricular activities than watching television for enhanced academic performance.

What is the level of impact of the different factors on the academic performance of student nurses. Influence on individual and unit performance. California Management Review, 45 420— The university has also arranged a formal mentoring programme for the younger academics which has impacted me hugely in my career.

A guide to analyzing and managing employee turnover. A total of 98 survey instruments were distributed to the parents of students enrolled in junior high at Walnut Creek Christian Academy.


The questions were worded in a way as to encourage participants to provide accurate, unbiased and complete information in relation to the research problem.

It has also been found in researches that physical activity of students and their healthy diets such as unsaturated fats and low sugar helps them in their health behaviors which affect their cognitive as well as academic performances Hillman CH, Erickson KI, Kramer AF;Francis H, Stevenson R; It is also important to study over a period of days rather waiting until the last minute to study.

This promotes academic self-efficacy for the child, and in turn, leads to scholastic achievement. Abstract Research indicates that participation in extracurricular activities affects students’ academic performance.

More specifically, studies have been conducted assessing the effects of specific extracurricular activities on academic performance.

Factors That Affect Student Performance

factors affecting academic performance words | 10 pages. factors affecting the academic performance of students in hotel & restaurant management at southeast asian college, incorporated: remediation a research presented to the college of hotel & restaurant management of.

International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences SeptemberVol. 2, No. 9 ISSN: 2 maghreb-healthexpo.com factors that affect the students’ academic performance. These are internal and external classroom factors and these factors strongly affect the students’ performance.

Self-efficacy is an individual's belief in his or her innate ability to achieve goals. Albert Bandura defines it as a personal judgement of "how well one can execute courses of action required to deal with prospective situations".

Expectations of self-efficacy determine whether an individual will be able to exhibit coping behavior and how long effort will be sustained in the face of obstacles. Teaching with Poverty in Mind. by Eric Jensen. Table of Contents. Chapter 2.

How Poverty Affects Behavior and Academic Performance. In Chapter 1, we .

Factors affecting academic performance of a
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