Lathe machine lab

Grip file handle in left hand and use the fingers of the right hand to balance and guide file at the point. Make sure you understand instructions and are properly trained before operating a lathe.

It may be necessary for others in the area to wear safety glasses too as objects will fly off the work. Use a stick or brush, and always stop the machine. Use a barrier guard when operating the lathe in semi-automatic or automatic mode.

What are some things you should avoid doing. Moves on the outer ways. Clamped to the lathe ways, it uses adjustable fingers to contact the workpiece and align it.

Lathe Machine Lab

Materials that are machined dry. After all, the main switch is turned on and the cutter start to rotate itself.

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Step 6 below were repeated for cutting the 15mm and 10 mm diameter. Remove chuck wrench immediately after adjusting chuck. The specimen must conform to exact physical dimensions and must be free of induced cold working or heat distortion. Flying pieces can be very dangerous.

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Keep the floor free from obstructions, or slip hazards. For safety purporse, the lathe machine only can cut down the workpiece for 0. The loading unit is provided with V strips and roller strips for frictionless movement of shear box housing.

laboratory lathe

Do not wear gloves, rings, watches or loose clothing. Points below explain the process of the lathe machine works on the workpiece.

General machine practice is to use a depth of cut up to five times the rate of feed, such as rough cutting stainless steel using a feed of 0.

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Make sure you understand instructions and are properly trained before operating a lathe. The workpiece later being lock and was placed firmly in the spindle.

Maximize Cutting Tool Stiffness. Stop lathe before taking measurements of any kind. Has a keyway, with two reversing pinion gears, either of which can be meshed with the mating bevel gear to forward or reverse the carriage using a clutch.

Sample Specimen Preparation Equipment

You may work with electrical engineers on a new generation of computers, civil engineers to create earthquake-resistant buildings, or chemical engineers to advance environmental clean-up.

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Lathe machine lab
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