Metadiscourse and contrastive rhetoric in academic writing evaluation of a small academic corpus

The sound of one hand clapping: Persuasion and advertising English: By examining the relative frequencies as well as the cell colors in the heat map, the clustering results can be better interpreted in an objective manner.

Their use may be explained by the need to direct the readers attention to a particular point which has already been discussed which will be discussed later Mur-Duenas, JPN Another notable feature of Japanese learners was boosters. English for Specific Purposes 18, S41S Furthermore, only the interactive part of the interpersonal metadiscourse framework of Hyland was examined in this study.

Functions of Language, 12 1Conclusion and Pedagogical Implications To sum up, apart from the most general similarities in the two groups of writers, namely the very fact that all of them employed all metadiscourse elements, many more differences were observed.

They made a cross-cultural citation use comparison between American and Chinese academics across disciplines and examined the writing in social sciences and in the sciences. English Language Teaching, 7 7Putting specificity into specific purposes: Metadiscourse then is not a subjective question of style, but an important pragmatic feature through which writers show a disciplinary awareness of how to represent themselves and their research Hyland, Applied Linguistics, 17, The comparative fallacy in interlanguage studies: In other words, Halliday argues that people communicate with messages that are integrated expressions of three different kinds of meaning; ideational, interpersonal, and textual: However, it went against Johnson and Roen and Herbertwho found females using more boosters than male counterparts.

THA 18 You can help your parents to save their expenditure and you can save money for yourself. Transitional markers were common in both corpuses. Applied Linguistics, 25 1Further, multivariate statistical methods can reveal the complex interrelationships among linguistic features and learner groups, along with the association patterns between linguistic features and learner groups.

Jabreel Asghar; Metadiscourse and Contrastive Rhetoric in Academic Writing: Evaluation of an Academic Corpus Journal of Language Teaching and Research. Metadiscourse is now a popular concept among linguists and educators. It is a way to understand how writers structure their texts in order to facilitate the understanding of the text Faculty, Higher College of.


This paper takes a doubly contrastive approach and investigates writer manifestation in three languages, English, French and Norwegian, and three disciplines, economics, linguistics and medicine, in order to see whether language or discipline is the most important variable governing the pattern of metatext in academic discourse.

My corpus. Like conversation and other modes of communication, writing is a rich medium for gender performance. In fact, writing functions to construct the disciplines as well as the gender of its practitioners.

Despite the significance of author gender, as one constitutive dimension of any writing, it has been relatively under-researched. One way, by means of which author gender is practiced, and. Cultural differences in language have been the main topic of contrastive rhetoric, which identifies the writer’s first language (L1) transfer to second language (L2) writing in terms of rhetorical strategy (Conner, ).

Journal of Language Teaching and Research

By discussing interpersonal issues, e.g. attitude, appraisal, evaluation, stance and so on, as metadiscourse elements, they accelerated the notion of subjectivity in academic discourse. The interpersonal model of metadiscourse comprises two main types: the interactive and the interactional.

Agnes Pisanski Peterlin Translation as a Paradigm Shift: A Corpus Study of Academic Writing (3) In this paper we present an applied geographical analysis of this issue, arguing for a re– examination of the availability and quality of the underlying agrometeorological data that will be available for timely input to these DSS.

Metadiscourse and contrastive rhetoric in academic writing evaluation of a small academic corpus
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